• Ojoo Gyal vs FUMU - AMX004

Ojoo Gyal vs FUMU - AMX004

Accidental Meetings

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Big & bashy tape mix concoction of wickedest DJ-selections from Morocco's Ojoo Gyal, flipped with a ruff & tuff mix from FUMU, fresh off the back of a  slew of gnarly hits on Manchester's YOUTH label.

Accidental Meetings come correct again with this one, following nicer-than-nice mix cassettes & live recordings from the likes of Ambulance vs Ambulance (Robin Stewart & Bokeh Versions), Ghost Phone, Azu Tiwaline and Abu Ama, this latest one brings together two wildcards on one tape, culminating in two 40ish min blasts of cherry-picked, dirt-dug industrial weirdness, techno scuzz and dancehall - all twisted & blended into fuzzy mesh of sonics that'll put your speakers to the test nicely... 

No clips on this, you'll just have to take the blind dive, and find out for yourself. But trust us, if you're not afraid of a bit of ruffneck rhythm, skewed bass and forward thinking / side-stepping madness, then this one's well worth your time and dollar.
Killer artwork with full onbody print too, Ciaran Birch at the controls once again.

We got the last handful of copies of these, dropped off here from the AM HQ to RWDFWD HQ just the other day... So if you're keen on getting this one, now's probably the last chance.