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Okhzarp - Dumela 113 EP


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Hyperdub finds their perfect LDN-Capetown connection -

The Okhzarp (pronounced Oh-kay-zarp) project consists of South African born, London based producer Gervase Gordon, who - according to the label - has been keeping close ties with the music scene in his Capetown, in particular with the beautiful voice of this record 'Manthe' who delivers the heavily effected vocal performance on the standout lead track entitled 'Dear Ribane' in the language Tshwana, followed by an auto-tuned vocal in the English language.
Lyrically, the subjects touched are those of vanity and self-confidence, with a unique insight from her position as a professional Model, Photographer and Dancer that moves between Western and African cultures and trends.

Sitting somewhere between the infectious rhythmical qualities of modern African dance music and a typically LDN / Hyperdub sound palette with a futuristic sense for frequency, it's easy to see why the label decided to press this up and pass it on to the world.

The absolute winner, for us, on this disc is the first cut with it's immense space and intimate cohesion of voice and synthesizer... Like an african-styled slow jam for the next generation, utterly sweet and uplifting.


Dear Ribane Ft Manthe

Sizzr Ft Manthe

Fede Ft Manthe