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From the long-awaited box of goods from Reykjavic, Iceland -

A few months ago, through one of those 'it's a small world' instances where one friend's tale leads to a new connection being made - we got word from the guys at FALK (Fuck Art Let's Kill) in Iceland.
They presented us with this special little something that they salvaged from a trip to Glasgow, making links with 'Okishima Island Tourist Association' after they got blown away with a 'stunner of a live show'.

'Penance Room Seance' features two extended recordings from the Glaswegian noise legends, totalling in at about 39 mins across two sides of cassette.

Like one of those extended TNT fuse-burning scenes from a good Western, but in timestretched mode, Penance Room sizzles and fizzes across a stretched out ambience of blue frequency and distant dread... 15mins of unassuming drone engulf the brain like a potent dose of downers, firmly gripping the mind and body, until we find ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind of hospital bleeps and all consuming white noise.
It's a truly gripping slo-mo tornado of dread, right up until the last crucial seconds.

Flip the tape for 'Seance' and it's shimmering contrast of voice, chimes and looping, insomniac jazz.
The kind of music that will make you stop what you're doing, and just stare at the wall with equal amounts of contempt and confusion, this is really engulfing stuff, masterfully executed drone music of the highest order -

The clips won't do it justice, listen in full!
..listen again, and again, and again.

Comes with DL code.
39min run time.

Penance Room (Clip)

Seance (Clip)