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Om Unit - Friend of Day

Idle Hands

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Over the years Jim Coles has turned his hand to a fair few different styles and made them his own. These days, most know his Om Unit alias as a significant force in fresh developments within D&B (recently found larking about with Alix Perez, Binga and more in the Richie Brains project on Exit Records), but it's not always been that way. From initial moves in the dubstep world via Terrorhythm through to shimmering, playful electro-leaning business on Civil Music, he's graced plenty of high profile labels with his many-sided musical dice and come up trumps. A personal favourite moment for us came in the shape of the All City 7 Lavender / Lightgrids in 2010, which matched Jim's knack for rich and detailed production to a slower, more contemplative groove. This new release for Idle Hands comes from that era, a trio of secret weapons sat waiting for the opportune moment to step out into the world. With the warmer months upon us, it feels like the perfect time to let a track like Friend Of The Day roll out in a heavy-lidded haze of sun-kissed, ivory-tinkled finery. This being Om Unit, of course there are different shades on offer here as well. Basement Superman plumbs aqueous depths with its appropriation of dub techno tropes in a slow-stepping, meditative framework. What It Is too revels in introspection, a laconic bassline loping jauntily against the feathery beat in a succinct encapsulation of Bristolian laissez-faire. Jim's current exploits are reaching ever more interesting pastures, and there's an increasing recognition of his past achievements too (check the Kutmah-curated Lost Stories collection of unreleased 2tall bits from his archives), so it's a pleasure to add to the movement and support some truly special gems from a long time friend of the shop.


Friend of Day

Basement Superman

What It Is