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Omar Souleyman - Heli Yuweli / Rezzett Remixes


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Insanely good Omar Souleyman track plus Rezzett remixes, finally here -

We've had a bit of a nightmare waiting for the replacement sleeves of this  -
they got damaged in the post, and this is an expensive record unfortunately, so we decided to wait for the fresh sleeves... In the meantime, this one has fuelled a few early mornings and late afternoons in the HQ here - depending on when the energy boost was needed.
Proper party starting business from the Syrian bossman Omar Souleyman, linking up with London's Trilogy Tapes and Palace Skateboard imprints for this fine 12", along with two tape-saturated remixes from the Rezzett duo.

Topside, 'Heli Yuweli' is Omar at his best, with a rolling Dabke rhythm leading the way, 'Sa'id' the keyboard player on top form once again, wildin' out whilst the famous Wedding singer delivers his authoritative, euphoric vocal chants - ain't no one sitting down whilst this is being played!

Flip it, and the mysterious Rezzett get their nifty fingers on the rhythm... And what a joyful result!
The 'Rezzett Remix' is a proper off-kilter house banger, with the Tascam right up in the reds, maximum ferric grade goodness.
Spaced-out melodies answer Omar's calls for the discotheque, amplified by a nice bit of Mr.Fingers-esque squarewave bassline and shuffling hi-hat patterns.
On the B2, The 'Rezzett Rerezz' takes things into the after-hours zone, like a 90's post-rave soundtrack after a good ol' gurner, eyes-shut and zoot in the ashtray - keep this one on loop and you're safe.

Yes, it's an expensive record... But it looks great and sounds even better, so get over it and cough up if you're keen... This versatile piece of musical syrup won't hang around for too long!

Heli Yuweli

Rezzett Remix

Rezzett Rerezz