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On Line Vol.1

Wisdom Teeth

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Utter belter of a comp from the Bristol gang over at Wisdom Teeth -

A collaborative album in parts, focused on themes of repetition, poly-metrics, transformation and abstraction.

Volume 1 features contributions from Livity Sound protégé, Simo Cell; Berceuse Heroique regular, Don’t DJ; and Wisdom
Teeth label head, K-LONE. All of the tracks were written specifically for the project and in tandem, and all are connected by
a constant pulse and communal headspace. The record opens with Simo Cell’s ‘Symmetry’: a slow crescendo of whirring
pads, melodic percs and dotted rhythms, all underpinned by thick slabs of sub-bass that, with each heavy hit, seem to
collapse the track’s atmosphere down and in on itself.

Next, Don’t DJ follows with the oblique, discordant chug of ‘Übergang Zur Metrotram’. As with all of Florian’s works, the track pulses with an organic, animal quality that completely belies its mechanical origins. Again, the track’s space is filled with drifting pads and clanging chimes – but this time the atmosphere is close, discordant and chokingly dense. Last up, K-LONE clears the air with ‘Woniso’. The track grows slowly out of a series of beautiful harmonic counterpoints – morphing patterns that come and go in the mix to reveal their individual colours and contours.


Simo Cell - Symmetry

Don't DJ - Ubergang Zur Metrotram

K-Lone - Woniso