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Ondness - Poor Man's Twilight Zone

Where To Now?

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Another high quality tape from 'Where To Now? -

Open the case and load up the tape to find a 32 minute offering from Lisbon's Ondness.

The cassette moves through four movements. introducing itself with 'trono', the sounds of seemingly organic cyclical looping bells meeting head on with an orchestra of knives, both bubbling over a backdrop of brooding misty ambience and pads.

'ongoing to zona' continues with 6 minutes of paranoid, isolating, ghostly dread dub, before seamlessly moving into the mutant techno shuffle of 'edit sombre', the sound of the culmination and ensuing panicked escape stepper that the last 15 minutes of mood have been & building up to.

The release ends with 'off radar', the lonesome, dubbed smoke out after the storm. It's clear that 'A poor man's twilight zone' is intended to be listened to as a whole.

A narrative of fear & horror, but also of open space & escapism to please fans of sounds such as demdike stare, rhythm and sound, GAS, & fluxion.

free mp3 dl included with purchase of the tape.

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Ongoing To Zona

Edit Sombra

Off Radar