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Ondo Fudd - Blue Dot

The Trilogy Tapes

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Much talked about and rightly so - Call Super returns to TTT under the Ondo Fudd alias for three utterly sublime cuts of sunkissed house music with a left of center twist.

When I say sunkissed house music, you may think of slides, boat parties and beatport but, rest assured, that's not the vibe here. The A-side might as well have been glued to the Technics here since it arrived 'Blue Dot' is pure niceness, crafty percussion and humid atmospherics combine to create an effortless groove that you can fall into again and again. Essential summer selection this one.

'The Fudd' on the B1 enters beatless territory with clipped spring reverbs and cinematic soundscapes. An errie space reminiscent of Geir Jenssen’s score to The Man With The Movie Camera at points and just as immersive.

Closing with 'Veto Plank', slowing the pace slightly and exploring the spaces between the cavernous kick drums and lengthy delay tails. The pensive melodies that were present in the previous track glide over the top and are joined by more Good Looking era pads and percs - A real jewel in the TTT crown this record.


Blue Dot

The Fudd

Veto Plank