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Ondo Fudd - Coup d'Etat EP

The Trilogy Tapes

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Ondo Fudd lands on TTT -

Following on from Willie Burns' Tab Of Acid' 12", Bankhead drops the next serving on his Trilogy Tapes label, still tinged with Acid, still remaining in a ghostly space in some unknown corner of a dark and dingy club with the hallucinogenics skewing the perceptions to a high degree.

Ondo Fudd delivers three off-kilter dancefloor tracks for this EP, firstly, find the absolutely brilliant 'Call Super' laid out in full over the A-side: high-octane kick drum and forward pushing subs roam under a mist of arrpeggios and tape-delays that cascade through the course of the track.

Turn it over, and you'll find two more cuts: 'Harbour' and 'There Will Be A Time' moving with a slightly different swagger... electro-informed drum patterns and slap bass synthlines keep things twisting and grinding with 'Harbour' before we plunge into the journey of 'There Will Be Time' - a jacking techno jam that slowly unwinds itself into it's very own dubbed-out remnants.


Coup d'Etat


There Will Be A Time