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One Circle - Transparency

Gang Of Ducks

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Vacuum-sealed frequencies on G.O.D. -

One thing we like about the Gang Of Ducks label, is the fact that, visually as well as musically, there is a certain aesthetic-thread that runs through each of their releases, wether cassette, 7" or 12" - but all the while, you're never quite sure what to expect from the next release.

The latest 12" from the D.I.Y. label comes in the shape of a vacuum-sealed 12", featuring the fluid, effervescent oddities of 'One Circle' - a trio comprised of 'Vaghe Stelle', Presto?! Records founder Lorenzo Senni and soundtrack composer Francesco Fantini aka A:RA.

Feeling somewhat brighter than past releases by Dave Saved and (especially) Sudden Infant, there is still a definite air of unease that frequents this EP, even amongst the arpeggiated synth stabs and revolving snare claps that push towards club-capability.

Perfectly mad stuff!

Limited to 250 copies.
Vacuum-sealed 12" with insert.
Hand-labelled sleeves and centres.

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