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Organchrist - BE01

Boundary Element

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Raw, rugged underground sonics from Bristol -

Organchrist at the controls, with this 100% DIY venture, tapes handed over to us at the last Young Echo Sound dance down at the Exchange.

Recorded in the studio, this tape packs two 45 min sides full of gritty apocalyptic sounds from the Organchrist laboratory. Dense feedback, snarling delays and smoke-riddled ambience are the order of the day - or perhaps 'night' - and it's an unforgiving, yet refreshingly human set of electronic warfare that we are presented with... Something to get lost in, something to burn your worries, momentarily at least.

No clips for now, but trust us, this is a dead-cert for the noise heads, the techno punks and DIY lovers alike.

Limited Edition of 66.
Tape comes packaged in a baggy, with bespoke printed artwork.