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Orson - Production House / Fabrik


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Finally available after what seems like an age on (actual) dubplate - 'Production House' and 'Fabrik' land on Orson & Hops' recently re-activated Version imprint.

Originally surfacing on the Swamp 81 show, these two skeletal drum workouts continue the trajectory of the halfstep sound a-la Midnight and retooling it to suit more contemporary tastes. Up top is the dank atmosphere of 'Production House', heavy with sub and snares, it's like finding an old DMZ plate that you can play with yer new records.

On the flip is our percy - the springloaded low end shapes and brittle drumwork of 'Fabrik' immediately remind us of golden era Swamp81 cuts, bare bones, tough as you like and a load of fun in the mix.

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Production House