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Orson - White Nights / Rise 6


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Quality not quantity is the word with this label, having released only a handful of releases over the years, but providing some solid highlights in the deeper scenes of the dubstep world (that Timeblind 12" springs to mind).

This one does what it says on the tin: Sub-fuelled, low-slung heavyweight business for the big stack of speakers, ideally situated in a dark dancehall with the smoke machine letting through only the dimmest shimmers of light.

White Nights pushes it's weight through a shifting singular dub chord and overdriven 808's, whilst 'Rise6' uses similar restraint and lets the focus lie on flashes of hoover bassline that strike through the claps and kickdrums... Meditative and dubwise, Digital Mystikz style.

Crank up the sub.

White Nights