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Ossia & Cera Khin - Blue Baboon Mix

JSMЁ Records

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C90 mixtape from Ossia & Cera Khin -

Following on from Nina's depth-charging mix on the JSMЁ imprint, Bristol & Berlin's Cera Khin & Ossia are next in line, going back to back with two bags of cherry-picked vinyl for this limited mixtape series.

A selection of their favourite ambient bangers and trusted, obscure classics, the 90minute mix touches down on many corners of their collection, taking in anything from Dub & Musique Concrète through to Krautrock.
The two selectors bypass bpm restrictions and connect the dots with a bit of nifty mixing and blending, with extra effects units in the signal chain.
As it should be for this kind of thing, this is a 100% vinyl selection... Expect a little bit of crackle and fizz here and there, perfectly complimenting that saturated cassette hiss as the reels unveil the wide, but somehow still very coherent palette of sounds contained within.

Comes with nice cat & goat artwork too, devilish.

Limited to 75 copies.