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Ossia & chester giles - Shackles / Anpao

Empty Head Rich Heart

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Collaborative works from Ossia & chester giles via the Empty Head Rich Heart imprint -

The EHRH label have been nurturing fans of experimental music served on the fine 7" / 45 format for about two years now, in fact their first 7" disc from label boss 'Nazca' alongside 'Noclu' was one of the earlier items on our shelf at the HQ. Now presenting us with their fourth release, their records don't come about often, so it's always a nice surprise when we get our hands on a new addition from their unpredictable output, it is safe to say the focus lies on putting out well-considered, wide-angled music rather than rushing to keep up with the latest trend.

Strictly available on wax, and served in a small run of one hundred 7" discs, the label offer us two tracks that must be the fruit of a connection made during the label-boss's one year residence in their hometown Bristol.

First up, we have 'Shackles' a heavy-footed, light-headed trip that crushes through a mist of feedback and reverb before a concise poem by chester giles momentarily takes the attention to his projected headspace, a direct answer to the claustrophobic mood of the instrumental, which responds to chester's words with a subdued casiotone melody, warbling over a stripped-back edit of a King Tubby drum track and weighted blasts of low frequency.

On the flipside, the casiotone keyboard is plugged in once more, this time taking full focus, with a slow-motion one-take capture of one of it's drum tracks controlling the pace, heavily effected via the electronics in Ossia's studio, then dubbed once more with additional synth from the SH-201 and channelled through the mixing desk for extra-reduced dubwise aesthetics... Late night music.

Limited edition business - only available at selected stores, and not to be repressed.

Edition of 100, hand-stamped and numbered vinyl.
Artwork designed by C26.
Fold sleeve, 50 printed on white paper, 50 printed on translucent paper.