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Ossia & chester giles - Shackles (Bad Tracking Remix Part 1 & 2)

Empty Head Rich Heart

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The long awaited Shackles remix disc on Empty Head Rich Heart is here!

Exactly three years have passed since the original, now hard-to-find 7" came out with Ossia & chester giles 'Shackles' on the A side... Around this time, Bad Tracking, the industrial project of film-maker Max Kelan & breakcore junglist Gordon Apps, was a name that lurked in the shadows of Bristol's underground noise scene, handing out dubplate material for later releases on FuckPunk & Mechanical Reproductions & Bokeh Versions, preparing the first of their now legendary live shows, and requesting the stems for this 'Shackles' track, for this remix.

As we've said before, the Berlin-based Empty Head Rich Heart operation is very much DIY, and 'as-and-when' - and we like it for that.
Plus, the little pressing plant that cuts these small runs of 45's, hidden away in the suburbs of Hamburg, very much has it's own rather unpredictable schedule... So things take time.
But upon hearing this two part remix after some time again, we have to say it stands up 100% as legit material for the ages, there's no sell-by date on this, it's simply a rough, tough & dangerous piece of sound-art.
The sludged bass-trod, melancholic casio chords and chester's poetry flicker through the cracks and splits of Bad Tracking's blisteringly digitized & tape-saturated, time-stretched early hour 'ardcore blue notes... Perhaps sounding a bit like Lee Gamble's Diversions LP compressed with a f*cked up Atari Teenage Riot recording, but nonetheless in a field of it's own, this piece stands up strong, even amongst Bad Tracking's more rhythm-charged work of recent.

Limited edition of 100 7" discs.
hand-stamped and hand-numbered.
Served with hand-made artwork (Max Kelan vs Ossia).


Shackles (Bad Tracking Remix Part 1)

Shackles (Bad Tracking Remix Part 2)