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Ossia - Dub Hell / Devil's Dance

Blackest Ever Black

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The verrrrry last handful of this already hard-to-find plain sleeve repress of 'Dub Hell' & 'Devil's Dance' ... 10" single ahead of the album dropping in 2019 -

...If you missed this one first time around and have been eyeing the 'scogs prices since, this is right up your Straße.

Here we have it! The teaser single from Ossia, the very appropriately titled 'Dub Hell' backed up with 'Devil's Dance'. A culmination of his many and varied influences cooked up in his Berlin studio in the small hours and stamped into this neat and essential 10".

If you've scooped up his previous records on BEB and Berceuse Heroique we know you'll be all over this, and, if you've yet to enter the realms of his productions, you're in for a real treat .

If you can't already tell, this is straight up and down one of our favourite records to pass through the doors at RwdFwd (there's a lot of competition too). A real labour of love from all involved - from production to mastering, curation, artworking and screenprinting.

One of those records you'll pull out of the collection in years to come and it'll put a grin on your face. We hope you'll dig this one as much as we have been!

Upfront 10" teaser for the LP later this year... Ossia on Blackest Ever Black -

Two tracks of tail-thrashing, sound-murdering dub-tekno/f*ck-punk, steamrolled onto 10".

’Dub Hell' a sustained snarl of a DJ weapon that eschews smoked-out introspection in favour of a more direct and droogish 4/4 death-march: all industrial-strength drum-shudder, boneheaded rave vamps and plasmic, predatory bass-drones, like some kind of grim bio-mech death-racer built using parts stripped from old On-U/Maffia and the torn-off limbs of small children (gwan, Satan!)…

‘Devil’s Dance’ a more insidious, Isolationist nightmare, slower-acting and crueller for it - one for the committed sinners and Cenobites.
Bad vibes the order of the day then, but also a certain sybaritic PLEASURE…
negative ecstasy baby!

Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.



Dub Hell

Devil's Dance