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Ossia - Live At West Germany, Berlin 10.10.2019


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A rescued recording of Ossia's cassette-set in Berlin DIY venue 'West Germany' in late 2019 -

Last year, around the time of Yao Bobby & Simon Grab's debut release on Ossia's LAVALAVA Records, Ossia & Broshuda decided to put on a night together in Berlin, to create a chance for themselves and dear friends to command the sound for a night of fun and noise, for anyone who wanted to join.

The lineup was made up of live sets from Yao Bobby & Simon Grab & Dhangsha, as well as Broshuda, Kinlaw & Franco Franco, and Wilted Woman (who ended up stuck in NYC, and for whom Sunny Graves from LDN jumped in).

Ossia took care of the first hours of opening with a set consisting strictly of cassettes from his collection, played off two tape decks and thru a delay rack.

This cassette here contains this tape-set (well, the first 100minutes of it) and it comes packaged in the original A2 poster designed by Broshuda.

Naturally running at a different pace and mood than your average DJ set would, this tape contains all the magic stop-start / pick & choose type of vibe you'd hope for in a set made up of cassettes, and ruled by the eclecticism and intrigue of a cassette collection for home enjoyment.

Across 100 minutes, you can hear all sorts of gems, from old Pirate Radio & homemade reggae & dancehall tapes (shouts to Steve Barker for sending a big box of his personal tapes across to RWDFWD HQ a few years back), old NoCorner tape 'classics', special DIY editions of Iannis Xenakis and Sonny Sharrock (shouts to Jonny Taylor), an old Ekoplekz radio interview (who remembers that 'radio & rarities tape'?), a bootleg of Alvin Lucier's 'I'm Sitting In A Room', An old bootlegged FM Einheit tape found in a squat in Hamburg, some grime, electro & bleep stuff - a few Bristol bits from the likes of Bokeh Versions, ATC & FuckPunk - and much more. Oh yeah, there's even a German-English language learning tape for social situations (perfectly timed at the bar-chat part) in there -

Shortly put, this one's full of good vibes from a treasured time when we could all squeeze into darkened rooms and enjoy the intrigue of loud sound together -

Edition of 70, because that's exactly how many posters were left over from the night.
Original poster design by Broshuda.
Comes with extra orange shell in case you want to put the poster on your wall.