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Ossia, Pessimist, Katatonic Silentio, Cleyra, Valesuchi, Epsilove & Ployer Flower - NOOD5


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Noods Radio celebrate 5 years of running Bristol's no1 station with their first ever vinyl release, bringing together six friends of the radio station with this mighty VA 12", all pressed up & distro'd via the house of RWDFWD and served in Studio Tape-Echo art >>

It's a long-awaited and proud moment: finally, after years of providing Bristol with a new sense of community, broadcasting and expanding the music family globally with shows from all over the world, and following a string of high-grade mixtapes, cassette compilations, tshirts & parties over the years, Noods Radio now come forward with their first 12".

Bringing together a nice, varied crew from the network, Noods have called on residents and friends - Epsilove & Ployer Flower, Valesuchi, Cleyra, Katatonic Silentio, Pessimist and Ossia - each providing a unique contribution to a wide-spanning yet somehow focused & fully wholesome 6 track compilation, pressed to wax and manifested for eternity (or until this world blows up at least).

On this record you can find a rare cut in the form of Ossia's 'Drum Tangle' which lets angular percussive rhythms and a low-slung chug bass work up a real hypnotic pattern for brain & body. Pessimist predicts the Brexit-induced UK Oil crisis with an aptly moody and down-trodden, yet devastatingly heavy charge of half-time sonics on 'Price Of Oil'. Finishing up the step of the first side of the disc, Milanese sound force Katatonic Silentio dishes out 'Static Whip' - a frantic, deadly percussive pressure to seal the deal.
That was just the first side, but our (biased-brains - let's be honest) are already pretty damn into it, and have been reloading on repeat here at HQ.

Whilst switching up the mood and adding extra spice, the quality does not dip in the slightest as we continue the trip with 'Twined', which sees Bristol's Cleyra going in oblique dancehall mode, letting wheezy melodies slide across bruk dembow rhythms in stealth-mode.
Once the needle drifts on, we got Santiago-via-Rio-de-Janeiro sound maker Valesuchi conjuring up a mean, synthesized, stepping rhythm that lets high-frequency resonances and filtered percussion flow in evolving harmony with a deep, driving low-end, perfectly leading into the dizzying whirlwind of electronics, subdued in-ear voice and acoustics that make up the final cut on this fine disc via the vast minds of Epsilove & Ployer Flower, with 'Auguries Of Innocence'.

We're not going to try pick a favourite here, because each track really brings its own flavour to this particular testament of time, and each ingredient is important to this musical soup we're sipping from.
But one thing is for sure - pressed up on a proper decent slab of high quality wax, served in a screenprinted sleeve design by our v own Studio Tape-Echo, and just sounding bloody great on the turntable, all playing in one go, or even mixed and matched as you please - this thing here beats a Pot Noodle on a lazy day, dead-on-the-head. And we're not adverse to a Pot Noodle either, so take that as a compliment, dear Noodle Head.

Shouts to Jack & Leon, and the whole Noods family (that counts everyone who'll listen!) for making it all happen, and continuing to make it happen, just like that - no big deal.

Edition of 300, served with DL code.
Mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Artwork by Studio Tape-Echo.
Screenprinted at Bathtub Prints - right in between RWDFWD HQ and Mickey Zoggs.

1. Ossia - Drum Tangle
2. Pessimist - The Price Of Oil
3. Katatonic Silentio - Static Whip
4. Cleyra - Twined
5. Valesuchi - Autopoietic Unboxing
6. Epsilove & Ployer Fower - Auguries Of Innocence

Ossia - Drum Tangle

Pessimist - Price Of Oil

Cleyra - Twined

Katatonic Silentio - Static Whip