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Ossia & Robin Stewart - Live On Noods Radio 16/08/16

Noods Tape

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Ossia & Robin Stewart on Bristol's finest DIY radio station - live & direct, dreader than dread.

Late last summer, Ossia & Robin Stewart (of Giant Swan fame) lugged a mixing desk, a few boxes of hardware and endless cables along with a pile of records to a hot & sweaty rooftop studio nearby, for 2hrs of improvised vertigo-soundclash.
The outcome was feral, fierce, meditative and cerebral all at once - a wholly consuming journey via the deepest drones, 33rpm-drenched-in-echo wax reinterpretations, abyssal dub sirens, all congealed into a vast mesh of improvised, collateral sound-collage.

During this dank transmission by the two FuckPunk brothers and self-confessed soundsystem junkies, it's a slow, searing shape-shift through the outer-reaches of the sound-spectrum...
Javanese vocals, dubplate cuts, slurred memories of a Roberta Flack classic, mashed up Godflesh records and re-versioned interpretations of their own productions seamlessly drift over a fog of on-the-spot pitched vocal drones, endless tape-echo & synare siren and spring reverb chains.

Wether it's a section of, off-the-cuff creation or a record that's being introduced to the mesh of effects, the signal chain is hardly ever left to rest here, this recording is fully engaged from the top the very last drop.

Snippets of this Noods Radio session are available online (check below for a taste) but the full 2hr set shall remain on cassette for the time being, all served up in this appealing orange shell.

Hell yeah!

2hrs run time.
Cassette Edition of 50.
Served on yellow cassette, with two-sided inlay.
Orange Shell.
Designed by Jack Machin, Noods-design Bossman.