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Ossia - Tape Echo Mix


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A bootleg cassette of Ossia's Tape-Echo mix, a few copies were run off as a permanent archive, and, judging by the shaky state a certain streaming platform is in at the moment, it's a good thing they did! Plus, this version sounds better...all crackling and hissing, as a cassette should!

The words from Tape-Echo themselves -

'It's no secret that things at Tape-Echo happen at their own pace - case in point, the long awaited mix from long-time partner in crime Ossia, something that's been on the cards for years now, having spent the majority of its life as an idea switching between the realms of possibility and a long-running joke.

After a couple of false starts and plenty of ribbing in the meantime, we finally present you with the Tape-Echo Ossia mix for your listening pleasure.

This is wild, late-night gear tamed by an Allen & Heath mixer, a tape-echo unit and an assorted battery of FX and spring reverb. A sort of hybrid DJ mix / live performance is the result, and it perfectly reflect the kind of Ossia set you'd see in a club - if you've been following his own musical output over the past year or so, this will make perfect sense. If not, this mix makes a perfect introduction to the Ossia sound.

There's a good helping of forthcoming material from the many labels that keep us busy, along with some unreleased bits from the Ossia vaults and, of course, some stone-cold classics. Enjoy it because it'll be quite some time before the next one...'

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