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Ossia & Transient - RWDFWDMIX001


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>> 2023 re run <<


Alright, here it is!

The (very) long in the making, first in our new cassette mix series.
Expect a heap of our most favourite DJ's & selectors, all friends and extended crew, to be popping up here from time to time with their selection of music to share.

This tape features, on the A side, 45mins of late 70's & 80's dub on the A Side, mixed with a bit of extra delay (just in case there wasn't already enough) and the occasional synare siren blast, by Ossia.
Leaning towards the more obsc

ure side of dub, you can find a cherry picked selection of personal favourites from the likes of Tappa Zukie, Yabby You, Mad Professor, Impact All Stars, King Tubby, Jah Shaka, Sly & Robbie and more.
Strictly dub, no vocal cuts.

The B Side comes from Transient, firm maneuverer of RwdFwd runnings along with Ossia, and the man behind the Tape-Echo publication, Mechanical Reproductions and many of our favourite record & cassette designs that have passed through these gates... Hotline, Peng Sound, NoCorner, Mechanical Reproductions, Tectonic, etc etc.
Aside from this mix, his design also graces this very cassette... A nod to that trusty packaging tape we satisfyingly hear squeaking it's way onto our packages on a daily basis.

Musically, Transient's 45mins explores the furthest regions of dub technique and stripped back experimentalism, teasing out the weirdest of frequencies and audio collages before breaking out into some classic & cutting edge UK dancefloor cuts - SNM -
we don't want to spoil the surprise.

We hope you enjoy.

Edition of 50.
White onbody print on blue tape.
Housed in black/clear library case with blue colourway inlay.