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Damn, Japan's wildcard DJ Yousuke Yukimatsu steps thru for Bedouin Records with this expectedly killer, rare and limited mix cassette transmission.

In case you don't know about Yousuke Yukimatsu already....
hang on, you're saying you don't remember that we had a Yousuke Yukimatsu mix cassette in stock here around 2018, via our friend NPLGNN who runs MBE Series?!
... Then you should make sure to get wise to YY's mad DJ style.
His style behind the decks is a more adventurous, cross-genre DJ style, led more by the passion for binding a thread between disparate, carefully chosen music. It's a kind of 'anti-DJ' style we very much relate to in Bristol here too, (if I may speak for us all here).
It's a spiritual thing, a mood thing, storytelling - technical skills come into it in order to convey the story, but it is by no means the most important aspect - just as much as BPM's only serve as a nice detail, rather than any kind of dictation of general speed of a whole mix.
Tempo, mood and vibe are all ingredients in the way the music is put together, to tell whichever story, create whichever mood is wanted, and break expectations in order to entertain, feed the intrigue and challenge at the same time.

Anyway - rant over, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this tape - it's special.

Sorry about the high price - there are only 44 of these, and we had to pay a high unit price on it ourselves too (they're on high grade Chrome tapes as well, that'll cost an extra quid or two)... Anyway - we'd say it's 100% worth each £ in this case (otherwise we wouldn't be stocking it!)

Edition of 44.
C60 Chrome Plus Cassettes
housed in clear jewel case with J Card design by Takashi Makabe / Zodiak

Bedouin Voyager (Side A excerpt)

Bedouin Voyager (Side B excerpt)