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Owen Knibbs - Juggler / Version

Virgo Production

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Massive, massive Digikiller reissue!

This one is a personal favourite, one of them tracks you find yourself tempted to spend a few hundred £ / $ / for, but the asking price on the 2nd hand market has been somewhat ridiculous over the years, sometimes asking for several hundred pounds, dollar, yen, euro... whatever.

Either way, money aside - decide for yourself, crank up the bassline and turn it up reaaal nice and loud - Owen Knibbs aka Ista coming with some lively lyrics about money struggle, over a thundering bassline and non-stop snare workouts...

Originally this came out on Virgo in 1987, and it's about time this got reissued. So here it is, complete with the blessings from the man himself.

'Got to be a juggler!'