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Øyvind Morken - Jungel Erotikk


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Wicked Norwegian post-punk/odd-dub obscurity from the Sex Tags distribution sector -

Along with the latest Amfibia, Wania and Fit bits, came this excellent first official release on Øyvind Morken's own Moonlight label.
The name is new to us, but according to those in the know, he has been proving his taste behind turntables on a regular basis around those parts, along with Full Pupp gang in Oslo for example.

First up, the mute hiss & whizz of jungle mosquito's and other weird night time animals deliver the crowd noise to a steadily bouncing rhythm, complete with some midi-kalimba and synthetic steel drums, making up a really infectious combination of polyrhythms and ambience that we just can't get enough of.

Five reloads later, and we move to the B side -
'External Processing' comes with more of an 80's inner-city feel, splashy snare reverbs and moody melody creep in over the step of the drums, which picks up the pace naturally with the added rimshots and string-driven high notes.

This one gets a big thumbs up from us!

Jungel Erotikk

External Processing