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P.Adrix - Álbum Desconhecido


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Top-a-top - gunshot! - business right here from Lisboa -

It's always pure pleasure to check new stuff coming from the Principe Discos crew, the Lisbon-based party and record label are probably the freshest thing dance music has to offer, and not just now, they've been holding that fort for a few years now to be honest.

It's raw, direct and personal club music coming from the ghettos of Lisbon, channelling african music in a way that feels at once out of this world, and rooted in tribal tradition.

If, after blasting that first clip with that infectious hook, you haven't already hit the 'add to cart' button and are now sat at the doorstep waiting for the post to arrive, then do read on for the official info on this fine release, straight from source:

"Príncipe kick off 2018 in a big way with the remarkable début by P. (as in ‘Producer’) Adrix; a 22 year old artist originally from Lisbon, now based in Manchester, who is equally adept at crafting full tilt, teched-out bangers as effervescent electronic soul music. His first release, Album Desconhecido is a supreme example of the innovative scenius in Angolan-Portuguese music, ratcheting the thrilling dynamics of Lisbon’s ghetto bass sound with deadly edits and pressure highly compatible with the UK’s jump-up jungle, drill or soca grime vibes.
Building on ground-breaking work forwarded by producer/DJs Marfox, Nervoso, Nídia and Lycox in recent years, Album Desconhecido is jaw-droppingly fresh, even by Príncipe’s up-to- the-second standards. And like Lycox, who hails from Angola and Lisbon via France, it’s fair to say that P. Adrix’s relative detachment from Lisbon has also led him to break the kuduro mould in scintillating new ways, effectively mapping out and recombining a glowing flux of ideas circulating the Black Atlantic diaspora.
Delivered in 9 short sharp stings between the seasick drill of Zelda Shyt and the laser-guided trance lixx of Viva La Raça, Adrix trades in a mix of virulent, adrenalised energy and soulful rollige that sets fire to any ‘floor across the breadth of Album Desconhecido. It’s clear and present in the turbulent, rug-pulling subs and febrile polyrhythms of Bola De Cristal, and to blinding degrees in the high-wire tension and bone-freezing edits of 6.6.6, whereas the zipping flutes of Ovni bind roots and future with breathtaking, needlepoint incision, leaving Sonhos to provide a dead sweet, even romantic contrast with the melancholic meditation of Tejo for fine measure.
After encountering Album Desconhecido, there can be little doubt that Adrix is making some of the most exciting dance music in the world right now - a boldly expressive and immediately effective sound that drives listeners to a rare but timeless sort of rave ecstasy - thrillingly synthetic and infused with an unmistakeable lust for the dance.
In the right hands, it’s dangerous stuff. You’ve been warned!

Jesus lord almighty.

Edition of 500, served in individually handpainted sleeve, designed by Marcio Matos.

TRACKLIST (but they're all pretty short, so you still have full impact on the disc)
1. Zelda Shyt
2. Bola de Cristal
3. 6.6.6.
4. Estação de Queluz
5. Ovni
6. Abertura da Roda
7. Sonhos
8. Tejo
9. Viva La Raça .

Zelda Shyt



Estacao De Queluz