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Pablo Gad - Hard Times / Gun Fever

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Pablo Gad anthem material -

I've you've attended a roots session or two, sometime between now and around 1980, you will probably recognise 'Hard Time' and it's catchy piano hook, the memorable vocal melody and of course the - often sampled - 'When I was a youth, I used to bun kali weed ina rizla' lyric...
It's a righteous anthem, rightly so.
Undeniable musicianship and a good ear for composition make it the timeless track that it is.
Originally out on 'Burning Vibrations' in 1980, this cut alone makes the disc a must in the collection.

Back it up with the slow, descending, deeply rooted, yet uplifting 'Gun Fever' on the flip, and you have yourself a top-a-top disc that shouldn't be missed.
That one originally came out on 'Form' around the same time, but it's now combined on this 10" on the 'No Label' imprint, both complete with extended dub versions to finish things off in style.

It's a crucial disc.

Hard Times / Hard Times Dub

Gun Fever / Gun Fever Dub