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Pain Tolerance -

Industrial Coast

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DJ Speedsick, of BANK NYC / Ophism / Primitive Languages fame, under the Pain Tolerance moniker, in limited cassette reissue edition of 50 -

Quick run of 50 tapes, re-packaging the previously self-released Pain Tolerance release by Dj Speedsick via North Yorkshire's Industrial Coast DIY operation.

Spread across 22mins of reel, Pain Tolerance brings hardcore brukkout drum machine jams that draw as much from recent strains of hard-edged NYC Techno as they do from dutch Gabber of the 90's and the more hardcore side of Birmingham Techno - Fizzing hi-hats, smashed percs and saw-edged snares brawl at fast pace, fully energized and loaded with polyrhythms to keep that ball rolling the way it should.
Don't stop moving!

Limited edition of 50 cassettes,
C22 cassette, onbody print and offset printed J card.
includes string & washer bound card envelope with special artwork postcard.

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