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Nr 2 on Pdxindubting!

Finally, we got our hands on this nifty second release on the new project from Pdxindub bossman Monkeytek -

Standing alongside pdxindub, the mixtape series, Pdxindubting focuses on releasing original productions... And this one is the perfect follow up to Hieronymus' brilliant 'Space Coast' album that came out last year.

The Nashville based Pale Rider has lots of history and background and enthusiasm for roots music, taking big inspiration from the foundation artists such as Tubby and of The Roots Radics Band.
Pale Rider got stuck in around the 90's - initially using two cassette decks and a microphone mixer - before continuing to form the Phase Selector Sound outfit alongside drummer Joshua Elrod, releasing on New York's ROIR records, Portland's BSI Records and Germany's 'Select Cuts' imprint.

Coming as a counterpart to the 'Post Dub' vinyl release on the Cassava International imprint, the 'Post +' constructions still respect the original manifesto Pale Rider - Post + - using the mixing desk as a central instrument, building rhythms with analog means and exploring the field with lashings of reverb, echo and psychadelic use of hardware.

This is a fantastic piece for all fans of heavy & extraordinary dubwise, and for those looking for a non-pastiche continuation of the 80's digital and steppers sound...

A wicked ting this!

14 tracks, includes download code.
Printed tape inlay.
Yellow tape with printed labels.

Hallos Tune / Human Structure Dub

Outer Edges / So. Babylon

Fashion Locks / Haughty Dub

Send Me Dub / Fuzzy Reggae