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Pale Rider - POST + Plus (remixes)


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Remix version excursion from the Pale Rider and pals!

Following the excellent Pale Rider cassette, the label are now putting forward a set of high-grade remixes to increase the pressure with.
Apparently born out of a surprise bootleg of  'Fuzzy Reggae' that 6Blocc had made, label curator and mixman Monkeytek has gone and collected more remix and version material from a heap of talented heads from Portland and further afield on the worldwide map of dub.

Alter Echo does a stellar job on the A2 and A4, once again showing his impeccable skills at the mixing board and multi-layered dubbing technique and low-slung rhythmic excursions to a fine degree.
Danish don 'Xoki' steps up for spooked out dub of 'Uncomfortable' on the A3,  followed two tracks later by his equally-able peer in the profession, Hieronymus - killer stuff.

Flip the tape around for another two 6 Blocc cuts, who's followed up by a classic style dub from the echo-chamber, Hieronymus at the controls.
Last, but certainly not least, Rer Repeter flips 'Human Structure' on it's head twice over, skeletal rhythms bursting at the seams, bassline sunk 6feet deep for some sublime soundboy burial, inna 2step style and fashion.

Well worth your coins!

Comes with DL code.
Mastered by Alter Echo.

Limited, hand-numbered edition of 50.
Includes insert, printed onbody stickers and foldout J-Card with embossed front design.
Design by Honeybones.

1. 6Blocc - A1 Sunday Best (6BLOCC ROOTIKAL DUB)
2. Alter Echo - A2 Smurf Hike (((ALTER ECHO MIX)))
3. Xoki - A3 Uncomfortable (XOKI VERSION)
4. Alter Echo - A4 Uncomfortable (((ALTER ECHO VERSION)))
5. Hieronymus - A5 Sunday Best (HIERONYMUS MIX)
6. 6Blocc - B1 Fuzzy Reggae (6BLOCC 170 FLEX REMIX)
7. 6Blocc - B2 Never Yet (6BLOCC 165 DUB)
8. Hieronymus - B3 Never Yet (HIERONYMUS DUB)
9.Rer Repeter - B4 Human Structure Dub (RER REPETER VERSION 1)
10. Rer Repeter - B5 Human Structure Dub (RER REPETER VERSION 2)

A2 - Smurf Hike (Alter Echo Mix)

A4 - Sunday Best (Hieronymus Mix)

B1 - Fuzzy Reggae (6Blocc 170 Remix)

B3 - Human Structure (Rer Repeter Version 1)