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Big, bad Sähkö Recordings coming very correct with previously unreleased mid 90's gear from the depths - Zoviet France & Muslimgauze at the controls.

No original proof of source material on this record, just a killer Zoviet France counterpiece, and two raw Muslimgauze counterpieces.

Uncovered in a recent salvage of DAT tapes, we have Sähkö’s Tommi Gronlund to thank for uncovering these cuts and getting them pressed to wax.

Panasonic (later known as Pan Sonic, for obvious reasons) is the duo of Mika Vainio (RIP) & Ilpo Väisänen, and we do know a killer Pan Sonic remix of Muslimgauze from around that time, so it makes sense that the favour was returned here, that piece of the puzzle fits.

First up is the spellbinding Zoviet France remix, across 13mins of run time, the duo pull faders and slowly twist buttons as they draw out the reworked track's skeleton for subtly menacing / equal parts uplifting, ice cold, drifting techno drone excursion, summoning the hollow ghosts of the original track and taking it through its paces with real dedication the craft.

Next up, Muslimgauze goes in not once, but twice, in a kind of freeform minimalist techno dancehall dabke chug, cut & spliced through the tape reels and samplers the only way he does it.
Even the seemingly simplest productions, seem to be full of life and attitude - real raw art.

Zoviet France Remix

Muslimgauze Remix 1

Muslimgauze Remix 2