• Paper / Upper / Cuts - Illa Killa Yellow Space

Paper / Upper / Cuts - Illa Killa Yellow Space

Boomarm Nation

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Another US import from the Boomarm Nation HQ -

This one features skewed South American rhythms with the obscure and the low frequencies at heart.

From smashed reggaeton to sunset techno, each track is unique in it's own way, cleverly crafted and doing damage in their individual ways.

There are some absolute stormers on here, easily deployed on the dancefloor to great effect.
Equally, when listening through the discs 10 tracks you'll never know what's next and exactly this is what makes this record so engaging, not all tracks are easy to digest, but the reward is worth it.

Features a Gulls remix to cap off the disc.

Highly unique, limited to 300 yellow discs, presented in a great looking sleeve, hand-numbered.

Check it!


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