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Parris - Skeletal EP

Ancient Monarchy

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Parris, the Soundman Chronicles bossman keeps up the pace with three effortless slabs of pure, ice-cold bassweight on Ancient Monarchy.

First track “Skeletal” opens all insistent-like; hats and rim clicks fading into the distance – a moment of calm before the tide of sub sweeps you away into the murky sonic ocean. The name says it all really –absolute impact with impressively few elements, let it wash over you in the dance and on the hi-fi… and wait for the proto-gamelan melody in the latter half!

“Bloom” is one of those dark rollers that implants itself that bit further into your consciousness with every subsequent listen –Vangelis-style pads, insistent hats and burr-freezing atmospheres all combine with that omnipresent low-end to give you a monolithic piece of futurist wot-do-you-call-it dancefloor perfection.

Last tune of the lot, “South East Of The Mountain” is the one DJs will gravitate towards the most – an enigmatic vocal sample, and, somehow, the biggest sub blast of the lot scarcely leaves room underneath the chest-crushing weight. Refraining from pushing the aggression, Parris softens things up with gentle pitched percussive melodies and subtle, shifting atmospheres. For fans of Hodge on Mescaline.

You know the deal here, these things go fast and we have yet to see a repress for any previous releases, so don’t sleep on this or forever be hurling expletives at Discogs sharks…



South East of The Mountain