• Paul St. Hilaire - Nah Ina It EP

Paul St. Hilaire - Nah Ina It EP


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Absolute treasure from the Jahtari vaults -

Produced by Rootah, possibly one of the Jahtari crews best kept secrets, featuring the vocals of Paul St.Hilaire of Berlin-based Rhythm & Sound fame and False Tuned output -
This combination is as deadly and crucial as it sounds.

With the title track kicking off the disc in full glory 'Nah Ina It' sounds like the best of Basic Channel and Jahtari in combination, wether it's referencing the rhythm & sound aesthetic or the 80's digital dancehall sound, there's no rip-off, chameleon styles going on here -
the production and delivery is fully authentic and pulled off in style and finesse.

The vocal delivery from the ever-versatile Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman shows true skill throughout the four tracks on the disc, cementing his status as one of the most skilled and on-point vocalists in the world of reggae / dub.

As if the title track wasn't enough reason for a purchase of this disc, the three tracks on the flip come just as correct.

Just listen and make up your mind.



Nah Ina It

Who Goes There

One O'Clock Rock

Love Jah Now