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Peaman - War / Rhumius Remix


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<< Please note that some of the sleeves have been slightly scuffed on one corner, during transit >>

Fresh import from Khaliphonic, brand new Bristol - Portland link-up!

We've been waiting eagerly for this plate to arrive from the ZamZam HQ, the tune has been doing the rounds on dubplate for some years now here in Bristol, with the likes of Kahn and Ishan spinning the 10" dubplate on many occasion.

Peaman is a fresh-faced name in Bristol circuits, steadily building music and soundsystem boxes.
'War' and its steadily paced, dubwise maneouvres has enough soundsystem power in itself (Peaman proudly recalls the time when the police came to shut down his crew's soundsystem at St.Paul's Carnival whilst this one was shaking the neighbourhood) but the additional Horns and the Saxophone by Bristol's ever prolific 'James Morton' really set this off into something much more than a dubwise dubstepper...
Wide-angled bass-driven pressure, with a mesmerizing amount of space for the wind instruments to roam freely, proper uplifting stuff.

Flipside, Rhumius goes in once more, twisting up the elements of 'War' and 'Horns Of War' into Steppers territory, carefully adjusting it's feel without straying too far from it's original nature, pushing the track into very Bristolian territory, with it's bassline reminding of a more restrained horns-driven version of  'Jah Way' by Rob Smith.

Quite a beautiful track, but that's not to say that it won't cause a whole lot of heavy vibration when played at the right volume!

Don't sleep on this.

Limited Edition of 600, vinyl-only.
Screenprinted & designed by Polygon Press.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta, at 33rpm for extra warmth and dynamic range.

Peaman - War

Peaman - Horns Of War (Ft. James Morton)

War (Rhumius Remix)

Horns Of War Version (Rhumius Remix)