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Pearson Sound - Thaw Cycle

Pearson Sound

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Crucial techno deployment from Pearson Sound on his own label.

A swift follow up to his debut album on Hessle a coupe of months ago, ‘Thaw Cycle’ veers off the bass music path into straight up jacking techno realms - ultra taught snares paired with a glowing bassline are pretty much guaranteed to get bodies moving, it’s those keys that really get us though - cosmic techno with a subtle garage swing that is done just right - our magic this one.

On the flip side we’re treated to the Phase/Sleeparchive indebted ‘Freeze Cycle’, loopy techno with a slightly ruff edge, utterly mesmerising and versatile in the mix as well - if you couldn’t already tell - we’re big fans of this one.

Thaw Cycle

Freeze Cycle