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Ultimate Hits

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4 tracker straight outta Glasgow on the Rubadub affiliated 'Ultimate Hits' label, housed in a fine looking screenprinted sleeve

4 versatile rhythm structures from Stockholm's Peder Mannerfelt housed in a screenprinted sleeve and limited to 300 copies. The Ultimate Hits label is loosely affiliated with the Glasgow record shop Rubadub and this was a very welcome arrival at the RwdFwd office. real hands-on material from the production to the packaging.

Opening with the brittle percussive workout of 'Variations In love' which is loosley harnessed by elasticated bass and tight delays before moving onto the synthesied bongo groove of Ta-ta-tommy time'. Set it off on the B1 is our choice cut, teasing dangerous mentasms between the sparsest of beats - dangerous in the hands of skilled DJs.

Closing the EP is the fractured construct of STROBB, working dense layers of modular creations between industrial grade drum hits, captivating listening and a fine end to what is one of our favourite records to pass through the doors this year.

Variations Of Love

Ta-Ta Tommy Time

Set It Off