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Persian - Get Down (UKG Mix) / Dangerous Dub Retwist

Existence Is Resistance

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Killer long-lost UKG/junglist/downtempo styles from the o.g. 'Persian' - including the 'Dangerous Dub Retwist' -- check it!

Persian, who started of making hardcore & jungle as 'Persian Prince' (a nod to his iranian heritage) is somewhat of a cult underground hero, who has been active since the 90's, and is responsible for some real gems (that 'Dangerous' tune from 1995 for example - of which you get the wickedly stripped back 'retwist' on this disc!) crossing the border between various soundsystem styles, from UK Garage, to Dub, to Jungle.

With this 'Existence Is Resistance' label, Persian is bringing back lots of lost dubs, reworks and straight up underground classics back to life, and this 'Get Down' track is one of them.

The speedgarage UKG mix of 'Get Down' is real vibey and will definitely bring the funk, and that acid-chug/dancehall-hip-house bogle of 'Space Within Art' is real vibey too....

But the Dangerous Dub Retwist is where it's really at for us -
That classic style of filtered UKG sub bass sound, in a 33rpm-junglist breakbeat fashion, coming with the certified, understated VIBES -
well in tune with the classic Horsepower, El-B, J Da Flex and Oris Jay sounds, from around a time when UKG was going darker and more soundsystem focused, just before dubstep became 'a thing.

Big plate, this!

Get Down (feat Nicola Duncan)

Dangerous Dub (Retwist)

Space Within Art (Dubplate mix)