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Pessimist Productions

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Incredible exploration of darkside sonics and the inky black depths of the post D&B underground from Pessimist & associate Karim Maas. Some of the most vital sounds emanating out of Bristol - this one comes with our warmest recommendations.

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'Pessimist links with longtime associate Karim Maas for twelve untitled, interconnected tracks of paranoid, dub-fissured hip-hop and voidal techno pressure. Forget dnb…this is a downer than downtempo excursion, deep and dread, heavy as a jeep parked on your chest, with low-slung, blunted breakbeats and weapons-grade sub-bass caught up in whirlpools of dissolve and decay and baleful, insinuating drone...yeah at times it feels less like a record and more like a bona fide AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT.

Intricate, elegant, its chillin-with-the-wrong-b-boy mood fantastically sustained, It conquers territory that previous Pessimist and Maas solo productions have only hinted at, connecting with the Isolationist/industrial traumascapes/infinite-comedown of 90s E.A.R./Köner, Main and SAW II, the enveloping neo-noir of Plastikman’s Consumed, the crackle-and-hiss materiality of Rhythm & Sound and Pole, the thermonuclear rack and ruin of Lustmord's Stalker. Just the baddest vibes...Music to get lost - real lost - inside.'