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Pessimist - All Hope Lost

Berceuse Heroique

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Bristol bassbin don Pessimist lays down four tracks of serotonin-depleted / vibe-charged hardcore chug on a heavy slab of 12" for Berceuse Heroique -
Rolling with that half-speed breakbeat brukkage which he's been honing over the years (also alongside sparring partners Loop Faction and as Soft Boi), Pessy puts down four solid-as-a-rock, ultra-low-slung gut punches, primed & ready for deployment on all soundsystems and hifis that can hack the necessary pressure.

Empty Words let's 808 cowbells tick like a time bomb, over a bed of polyrythymic square wav bass and wormhole style pads that'll send shivers down your spine, which you'll need to shake off with shoulder boppin and legwork - no excuses.

Next up, the film noir vibes of 'Nothing Positive' recall some kind of nightmarish dream-state which we don't really want to wake up from. You'll be rewinding this one again and again (if you know what's good for you).

Flip the disc, and 'Dem Control' let's filtered bass drums rattle below brittle harmonics and proper fucking gnarsty percussive elements that sound like they're being sanded down and chewed up by some kind of devil at work.

Then, we got the final bad trip: 'We Did It' let's scratched drums and swarming atmospherics tumble and fall over a huge filtered reece style bass - you can take a bath in this one, but be careful - the temperature is rising.

Last copies right here (sorry for the delay... but you knew we weren't going to pass this one by).

Served on 180g vinyl with tasty sleeve art, no messing around, as always.

Pessimist - Empty Words

Pessimist - Nothing Positive

Dem Control

We Did It