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Pessimist - Balaklava / Ophic


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Blackest Ever Black’s sister label A14 continues to unearth the dankest and most vital underground sonics with this surprise signing of one third of Bristol D&B trio, Ruffhouse.

Under his solo alias, Pessimist has been refining his ultra minimal take on half step D&B over a string of respected labels, from Exit to Samurai and beyond. Precision guided weaponry on both sides, up top is the dancehall-techno mutation of’Balaklava’, thumping out over pensive FX and ceramic percussion. Things get even darker on the flip though - ‘Orphic’ opens with snarling subs and contrastingly delicate snares, brushed steel pads add to the sense of dread which percolates throughout the side.

Regardless of if you like D&B or not, this is an absolute must - dark, heavy and brimming with dread - top-a-top gear.