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Pessimist & Holsten - Riot Tune / Clarity Remix

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Screenprinted dubplate style sleeve.


As the text message from the artists to label reportedly said - 'We've got something fuckin' naughty for you mate'...

Pessimist & Holsten on a mad one for Hotline - two darkside tear-outs channeling the spirit of Horsemen era Hardware and cranking it up a few notches.

The first appearance of D&B on the label and jheeeze was it worth the wait. The pedigree here is not to be underestimated - Pessimist, Holsten and Clarity have been crafting their own respective takes on D&B on labels as diverse as Blackest Ever Black, Exit Records, Droogs for over a decade.

Pessimist & Holsten link for 'The Riot Tune' in two contrasting versions - backed up with a remix from longtime sparring partner, Clarity.

Howling sirens bleed into clarion call synth stabs set an appropriately dank tone for the A side before dropping the heavyweight payload of rolling breaks punctured with serrated edits. A Cantakarous, peak time hardware for those who like it ruff. Let's not fcuk around here, this is the type of gear that's capable of bullying Messiah, and that's saying something...

Type 2 strips the original right back to the bone and flips it into a vortex of filtered drums and atmospheres, crafting a track that is deceptively simple and devastating in the mix.

Clarity is on remix duties for the B side - turning the original inside-out and blazing for 7 minutes in an almost trance-inducing roll-out which whips the elements from the original into a high pressure ride filled with the crucial paranoia and dread.

No surrender, no retreat. Absolutely deadly this one.

The Riot Tune (Type 1)

The Riot Tune (Type 2)

The Riot Tune (Clarity's Type 3)