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Pessimist - Paian EP

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Crucial darkside D&B meets techno mutations from one third of Bristol's Ruffhouse trio - Pessimist.

Last sighted solo on the Blackest Ever Black A14 sublabel, Kristian Jabs rings off four deadly shots, all high calibre and all super precise.  'The Empty House' opens the proceedings in a suitably murky fashion, half stepping kick drums and razor sharp percussion frame the inky black atmospheres and textural low end shifts.

'Retrouvaille' takes the Pessimist sonic aesthetic and eases into the realm of techno - The Ruffhouse and solo works of recent have smudged the lines between D&B and techno, this is the first release that we're aware of that fully submits to techno tempo and it's a total success - low end rumbles and constantly evolving phrases keep things rolling at a rate, comparable to the likes of the Semantica crew and the likes. Clocking in around the 9 minute mark, this one is a pleasure in the mix too.

The flip side follows a similar format, the 170 stylings of 'Aurora', which is another slab of half stepping magic up first some slower styles on 'Paian', a special mention to this one as well, utterly deadly.

Deeply immersive and incredibly tense in places, those who dig the darkside stuff, get fully involved here...

The Empty House