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Peter Tosh / Solomonic Reggae Star - Anti-Apartheid

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Mystic cuts from Bunny Wailer alongside Tosh and Solomonic players -

These cuts right here, this is roots music in full force...
Not many pieces of music can speak this much without a vocal in the forefront. These two instrumental cuts, further excursions of Bunny Wailers 'Armagideon' rhythm from 'Black Heart Man', speak a language that is universal - a feeling that can not be misheard.
Peter Tosh's haunting melodica and the restrained dubbing of Bunny Wailer leave miles of space for each of the instruments to come in and counter-act.
It's a constant call and response between the melodica, horns, keys, bassline and drum, at times interchanging and overlapping before falling back into their unique space in the mix... The desperate call for peace & freedom is constantly underlying though, with the melodies invoking a feeling of sadness, that is somehow overcome by the positive feeling of head-strength... A powerful piece of music.

The glimpses of 'Armagideon' vocal that shimmer through the mids of the dubwise 'Solidarity' on the flip only amplify the sentiments of this rhythm.

It's not a cheap record (Limited edition, imported, screenprinted, stamped) but it's still 100% worth the coins, in our honest opinions.

Import from Dub Store Records Japan, Screenprinted, hand-stamped & numbered - limited edition reissue.

Peter Tosh - Anti-Apartheid

Solomonic Reggae Star - Solidarity