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Petit Singe - Akash Ganga

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Killer 'mini LP' on Milano's Haunter Records, from Indian-born, italian producer Petit Singe who demonstrates with immeasurable skill and ease why we need more diverse voices, like hers, in the world of electronic and dance music.

Akash Ganga is an essential record for those who wish to see a side of dance music that isn't often tread, much less with the style and mastery of craft that Petit Singe pulls off here.

Two years have passed since “Tregua”, Singe’s debut on Haunter Records. A key moment for both the label and the artist, it represented Singe's (Hazina Francia’s) move out of the shadows, and in the process introducing her unconventional taste for hybridisation. Innumerable gigs and experiences later, Francia’s vision and artistic capability have grown richer and broader, leading her to a new path far broader in scope. The 5 tracks that compose “Akash Ganga” testify to an unrelenting spiritual investigation which construct a sonic scenario that brings her mix of post-club sensibilities, and reminiscences of her native India directly into one space. She injects her tabla-led polyrhythms with cinematic sound design, and her talent for building meditative moments into constantly mutating heavier tones lets the moments of melodic reverie sit powerfully alongside those of sheer percussive intensity, and in tandem they form a whole even greater than the sum of their parts.

All these elements fuel the impressionistic narrative Francia has arranged: mixing elements of her personal biography (like naming one of the tracks after the date her foster parents brought her to Italy from Bengala) with fragments from the history of digital experiences and elements of her eastern heritage. This allows her to use music as a means to explore themes of personal and cultural identity, as well as technological evolution and gender.

Rough, tough and dangerous!

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Akash Ganga