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Pev b2b Simo Cell b2b Low Jack - TEMETTAPE2


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TEMET // BFDM veteran DJ & producer Simo Cell in friendly battle mode across two sides of a tape, one side b2b with Bristol's 1&only Pev, the other side b2b with the big boss Low Jack, served up on this killer C90 tape >>

Following up that E-Unity 12", the TEMET label come with their 2nd offering of iconic DJ sets from the Re-Cell nights in Nantes - captured on cassette, ready to shake up some speakers once more, at the press of a button.

A Side, Punch Drunk / Livity Sound general Peverelist shares the 1s and 2s with Simo, snapping right in with some killer early grime vibrations, UK Funky, early Livity Sound and Kowton bombs, and wicked newer mutants of the bashment, dub and hardcore continuum.
As you'd expect, if you've seen either of these two on the decks, this recording is choc full of high grade dance cuts, and it features a gang of wicked blends - maximum vibes inside.

Flip that tape, and the next 45mins is a selection of chuggin' dembow, dancehall and off-kilter soundsystem music, with the Editions Gravats boss Low Jack sharing those faders with Simo Cell - once again, big big vibes in this mix.

It's important to keep dancing at the moment, so we'd advise to stick this one in ya tape player and shake a leg, or at least bop your head and shoulders a bit if you're worried what you're housemates or neighbours might think.

Pure gold inside here, trust!

(P.S. G36's 'No Escape' can be heard on this tape too - we still have a couple of those Hotline 12"s here, if you slept on that one...)

Printed tape onbody, printed inlay.