• Pev & Kowton - End Point / Vapours

Pev & Kowton - End Point / Vapours

Livity Sound

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Possibly the best yet?
... hard to say, but both of these tracks certainly remain as stand-out moments in the Livity Sound live set (Pev, Kowton, Asusu).

'End Point' consistes of an increasing pressure build, with high frequency warning sirens creating images of a sinking submarine as a thudding low-end pushing the gauges into the red signifying imminent doom.
Intense and on-point.
Stripped back and raw as ever, in true livity style, it's the simplicity that makes these tracks so effective on the floor.
Uncompromising dance music.

The flip kicks off with a blade-runner style dancehall bogle coupled with unnerving soundscapes reminiscent of the early Jungle and Hardcore sounds that have become more prevalent in Livity productions of recent.
This track shares the moody, darker sides of early Dubstep & Garage, minimal tendencies of techno and low-end sparsity of a 90's dancehall drum machine jam, combining the binding factors and creating something entirely fresh.
Well informed, well deadly.

Big, bad and heavy 12" by Bristol's Livity Sound, once again!

Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

Pev & Kowton - End Point

Pev & Kowton - Vapours