Pev V.S. Steevio - Edges/Seren


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Bristol's very own Schmorgasbord pair up the man like Pev and Freerotation's Steevio for a platter that matters.

'Edges' is the first solo Pev gear for a minute and is, as you would expect, pure magic - spaced out woozy techno framed by crystalline arpeggios and subbed out kicks for proper wee-hours dance sorcery. The sort of track you can dig at home on headphones as well as being a pleasure in the mix...we don't need to say much else, Pev tracks are buy on sight and this is no exception. On the B2 is his reworking of Steevio's 'Seren' - straightening out the original and teasing the original modular melodies through crafty delays and peppering it with urgent hi-hats.

Mindtours artist and modular synthesist Steevio is in charge of the B side, firstly with the original mix of 'Seren', a delicate swung techno jam that effortlessly fills with elongated synth lines before breaking down into pounding kicks and clipped 909 claps. His take on 'Edges' finishes off the side in fine style - skewing the original melody and making it even more trippy.

Excellent plate from two artists who compliment each other perfectly - hot tip from us.

Pev - Edges

Steevio - Seren (Pev RMX)

Steevio - Seren

Pev - Edges (Steevio RMX)