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Peverelist - Gather

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Finally repressed, some proper Bristol classics from the man like Pev.

Up top is the magical and downright essential techno/dubstep crossover track with one of the finest titles we have encountered - 'Clunk Clip Every Trip'. Percolating and bendy synths backed by cinematic chord progressions combine and take you on one hell of a trip - play it with your techno records, play it with your dubstep records, play it on it's own - it's a real percy of ours and we're stoked it's available again.

On the flip is the Dubstep Allstars Vol.6 opener 'Gather', proper soundsystem business, off beat snare and more sub than you can shake a stick at. Battered on dub back in the day by a gang of folk, thankfully you don't have to drop 50 sheets on an acetate or discogs now either.

Clunk Clip Every Trip