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Peverelist - Roll With The Punches

Punch Drunk Records

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What needs to be said about this record? Arguably up there with the Rhythm & Sound and Basic Channel 12"s that everyone should own - nothing less than essential.

Fundamental music from the Punch Drunk bossman, circa 07 -

The fifth release on the seminal Punch Drunk imprint, operating from Bristol and playing a crucial part in Bristol's soundsystem happenings in the last years or so, 'Roll With The Punches' and 'Die Brücke' are two perfectly formed dubstep tracks.

Clocking in at around 138bpm, these tracks move effortlessly, always driving forwards, engulfed in low-end pressure with a lot of swagger in the rhythm section, delicately tuned but infinitely deep and heavy at the same time.

Pure class.

Roll With The Punches

Die Brücke